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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earring Promotion and Peaches and Cream Bracelet

Today's earring has three shades of purple with crystal ab. I love the large faceted Swarovski round beads, guess that's because I like crystal things.

I spent time creating a new bracelet in peaches and creams with an accent of dark copper. I have a bracelet in these colors at the Illinois Artisan Shop in Chicago. I found the photos I took in February and added one above. It has taken me almost two months to make something else in the series. Sometimes I like to order a lot of beads and make several items from them; usually I end up ordering more beads to finish because I try not to over order. This version has light peach crystals where the photo has cream pearls and vice versa. I used tiny size 13 cream charlottes instead of shiny copper beads and the other connecting beads are different. The stitch is the same. The in process bracelet's coloring is very soft. The photo bracelet is predominantly cream and the in process is peach. The next bracelet will be in a different stitch. I'll take a photo when the in process bracelet is complete.

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