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Friday, April 16, 2010

Earrings & Life

Today's earrings are Swarovski black pearl. To me, this color is a lovely charcoal and if you want a true black like their jet black crystals, you need to order mystic black pearls. Both are basic neutral colors. I reordered the mystic black pearls when I saw the color of the black pearls.

Life selling jewelry is teaching me some new lessons. Some of them are ones we would rather not have, but today I was lucky as I didn't learn this one the hard way. I received a convo on etsy from someone who wanted me to accept a cashier's check and to use their shipping company. I found the person registered today so I googled the name and found a reference to a forum post about scams. I learned to notify etsy at While I received their auto reply, someone must read them to prioritize them and I received a prompt reply. So etsy was on top of the situation and had closed down the operation. I thanked the person who initiated the post because I would not have known how to contact etsy. There are written procedures--I just need to search etsy help. The details are to be confidential, but am glad to report that etsy handled the situation well. I'm also liking the changes to listing items and the new treasury east with the wider screen--it loaded my comment in one second!

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