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The banner is Lilacs in Springtime, a free form peyote bracelet.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What I did since my Last Post

I am writing this post on my new computer. I am happy with my purchase, at least as much as I have set up and can operate. It has a touch screen as well as a keyboard with a key pad. It was one of the best buys at Best Buy this week--pardon the pun--but totally unplanned. My advice to everyone is to learn to back up your files and to update your software when the new version comes out so that you don't have the additions from five versions to learn as I do in Photoshop Elements, going from 7 to 12! I promise photos in my next post.

I have been studying how to sell what I make with an emphasis on the customer's perspective rather than demonstrating my passion for bead weaving. I really do love creating jewelry for customers. I like to create beauty, beautiful things that my customers enhance with their own wonderful qualities.
Visitors to my art fair booths fall in love with items, but perhaps cannot envision what occasion or event they might wear it to or with the clothing they already have in their closets. Perhaps they see something in my shop they kind of like, but it's not their color or it's too narrow, the beads are too tiny, or whatever.

I am planning to write my blog posts to address those subjects and more if you care to post in the comments what you would like to learn more about. I am going to correspond via email with those who agree to sign up to a mailing list when I set it up. Please give me some feedback as to how frequently you might like to receive a mailing from me.

Enjoy November before all the craziness of the holidays and cold weather set in upon us.