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The banner is Lilacs in Springtime, a free form peyote bracelet.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Promotion of Earrings

I have been absent from this page for the month of March working on life, photos of my entire inventory and art fair applications. Since I am stalled on photographing my entire inventory (photo editing hurts my eyes), I've decided to focus on those items I haven't taken pictures of which is most of my earrings and combine it with a promotion in my etsy shop

Each day in April I will list at least one pair of earrings which will be featured that day. Since the styles are not in the Illinois Artisan Shops, I won't be undercutting their prices and you can get a good deal (not a KMart blue light special though). Earrings ship for $2.00 or free (US only) with the purchase of another item and are not returnable (for sanitary reasons).

The Illinois Artisans hold Art Sprees in the atrium lobby of the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago every month except January. I will be participating in the July, September and December Art Sprees. I have new items in both the Chicago shop and the Southern Illinois Artisan Shop, Whittington (Rend Lake). My Waterlilies bracelet (photo on 2/23/10 post) and a couple of my better creations plus more are in the Chicago shop on the 2nd floor of the Thompson Center. Tammy Deck of will be the featured artist in April. The Southern Illinois Shop has blue (Swarovski light sapphire crystals) and white pearl and lavender items. It is right off 57 and would make a good break if you are driving through the area.

The results of art fair applications include being on the wait list for two late summer fairs with several more with the jury still out. The art fairs I applied for are highly competitive, especially in jewelry due to the number of artists applying; the preference in the past has been for silver/gold/precious stone type jewelers.

I have done a little beading. Some luscious beads arrived last weekend including some white iris charlottes size 11 whose sparkle will be featured in a necklace.

The photo I will share is a sneak peak of my Use the Muse IV entry which is sponsored by I am supposed to tell how I feel about the "muse" which is less than positive emotionally at this point (out of sync with the seasons), but if I'm successful, the beautiful agate stone will adorn the muse and the chain embellishments will create something that is truly a new style for me. I have until mid April to complete it, and the big reveal will be in May or ???? see for more details. This qualifies me to be entered into a random drawing; FREE BEADS!!!! if I win.