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The banner is Lilacs in Springtime, a free form peyote bracelet.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Art Fairs

I just learned that I have been accepted in the Art In Your Eye Fine Art Fair in Batavia, Illinois. I am still tired and achey from the Cantigny art fair in Wheaton this past weekend. It was a very good show for me. The people were interested in my work and offered credit cards and checks for payment. My sales dollars were the highest I can remember, but more importantly, I know that my work went home with people who really liked it.

I sold the new gray dutch spiral necklace from my porcelain jasper collection which is photographed on my February 2 post. One of the porcelain jasper stone bracelets accompanied the necklace. Two of the items, a blue button pearl and Swarovski crystal teardrop pendant necklace and a mint green transparent Czech glass embellished cuff bracelet, were some of my earlier creations, but they went home with women who looked great wearing them. I also sold a bronze pearl and crystal bracelet to a daughter as a birthday ( July 5) present for her mother who said she would wait until her day if necessary. That was such a beautiful match for the mother; I need to make more Swarovski bronze pearl items. Two versions of beaded bead earrings also found new homes; colors were peach and pacific opal with green.

I am getting lots of error messages as I write this post. It will motivate me to complete my wordpress website which will have a blog page. Sorry I have no photos today. I wasn't planning to post.