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This blog is for my comments about making beadwoven jewelry, my inspirations, frustrations, and love of color.

The banner is Lilacs in Springtime, a free form peyote bracelet.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Facebook Timeline

I've been working on small druzy cabochon pendants--a white with matte opaque deep turquoise, a honey color with white, and an amber colored one. Sorry no pics yet.

I liked the blue lace agate necklace so much, I purchased a round and an oval shaped cab so that I can make more items in my collection. I also purchased two lavender amethyst cabs, a small rectangular turquoise cab, and an aquamarine oval cab. I am going to be very busy doing bead embroidery as these are regular size cabs, not tiny or small ones. I have some findings with a pin/bail so customers can have two ways to wear the beadwork. These purchases were my reward to myself for facing the Timeline on Facebook for my business page.

I waited until the last minute to make changes on my business Facebook page. So Thursday afternoon was the time I scheduled as I've been warned the changes will take affect on 3/30.

I used my Lilacs in Springtime bracelet for the first page. It's the same bracelet I have in the heading of my etsy shop and this blog. I have used parts of the photo for half of the round Moo stickers. The bracelet also appears on my business and earring cards. If you're wondering where that bracelet is, I have it; may keep it as it was the one I showed off to get started as a business. Maybe I should adjust the size so I can wear it.

Please visit my Facebook business page . I need "Likes". Any ideas on what I should post there would be appreciated.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Light Blue and White

I enjoyed creating this bead embroidered blue lace agate cabochon and the bracelets flowed easily in the same colors/beads. I was surprised when I photographed and edited my pictures that the blue gray color appeared dark. I learned that it was my usual adjustment for "brightness and contrast" on Photoshop that created the color cast over the entire photo. I played with the sliding bars and other adjustments to come up with a photo that is more true to color and pleasing to my eye.

This is my lower price point all seed bead version of the blue lace agate colors.

This is my two strand flat spiral weave version of blue lace agate. I did not redo the photo editing on this, so you can see it is darker than in real life. The cabochon photo below is without the brightness and contrast adjustment. I adjusted the mid tone values until the gray background (really a thick white paper) pleased me.

Loving these colors so much and needing some knit tees for summer, I ordered an assortment including some in mineral blue which looked like it would match perfectly. The clothes arrived and the color is a mint green, not at all blue. So misleading! The one I ordered called rose quartz is a deep tone orange pink, not at all like the semi precious stones pale pink color, but my monitor did read this color true. Since it is not a flattering shade for me, I will be shopping for some pastel colors.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Spring

This is a cabochon pendant using a millifleur Venetian glass cab; it is on the purchased natural leather cord with a lobster clasp. It would also look pretty with a beaded chain.

A bead embroidered aqua blue druzy cabochon pendant with adjustable white cord.

This emerald green bead embroidered druzy cabochon has palace green opal Swarovski bicones in the bezel as well as seed beads.

I have decided to spend time blogging rather than on Facebook. I plan to continue my FB page, KRDesigns11, with postings of new items in my Etsy shop and treasuries featuring my items. I'd love to have you "Like" my page as well as join me here on my blog. I will not comment on friends status reports so please do not take this personally. My focus will be on promotion and creating my art.

Today I purchased some stone cabochons that I envision being made into pins/pendants. I have some combination findings with a bail as well as a pin. The stones are larger to accommodate the pin/bail and are regular shapes in pink, amethyst purple, pink/red, and greens; these are colors that are attracting me now. The designer shapes require more design time due to the irregular shapes of the stones and would tend to be assymetrical.

I also purchased more of the small druzy cabochons to have a variety of pendants. I am loving making these. The white Greek leather cord with sliding sterling silver rings seems to work well as a "chain" on which to hang them. I measured 28" of cord, so that it easily goes over my head with my glasses on, and then can be adjusted to the position I like with the clothes I am wearing. For the same amount of money, I purchased a natural leather ready made neck chain which is thinner and the lobster clasp wire work has some rough edges on it. Some customers may prefer the clasp versus putting it over their head. Making a bead woven chain would be an option too.