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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bead Embroidered Tiny Druzys

I have been trying to create items with lower price points to sell at my Art Fairs. I am currently working on bead embroidered druzy cabochons that are tiny--between 18 and 23 mm. I am using delicas, size 13 charlottes and size 15 beads. It is taking more time than I expected because the beads I have are also tiny. But I'm having fun creating these cute little babies with lacy edgings. I have one more in aqua blue that I want to finish for my indoor show on March 9 & 10. Being primarily a bead weaver, I have mostly delica beads. Before I do more bead embroidery on regular size cabochons I need to shop for seed beads. I'm also planning to use Greek leather cords with adjustable length, probably in white.