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This blog is for my comments about making beadwoven jewelry, my inspirations, frustrations, and love of color.

The banner is Lilacs in Springtime, a free form peyote bracelet.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Listing

I listed this bracelet in my etsy shop this afternoon. I'm not sure my shop feed is listing updates on my blog so the link is
I had the link working and then it didn't. I find more errors on blogspot than I'd like.

I rearranged my shop to feature red, white and blue for the 4th of July US Independence Day celebration. The pearls follow that at the bottom of page one.

I'm going to run out of the background color beads for my challenge project. Doubt I could get them in time if I order on line again. I always order two tubes, but this time I didn't because I've been having lots of left overs lately. I like the pattern enough to not want to change it. I suppose I could make a very small bracelet as I have 3 inches woven with less than half the tube remaining. I will shop locally by phone.

No progress on the cellini spiral.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Status Update

I'm being drawn away from beading by my family. I did shop for seed beads at my local bead store--the one with the Venetian beads--to correct my poor choices of colors I ordered on line.

I started my latest cellini spiral bangle bracelet which I will probably place on consignment at gallery in Westmont, Illinois. I will put a picture of it here. The colors I chose are sapphire blue transparent in two sizes, purple in two sizes with a lighter purple in size 15, a metallic rainbow green/blue in size 8, green blue and blue topaz transparent in size 11, and turquoise transparent charlottes in size 13 and 15 for a total of 16 beads in each spiral--some are repeated. The colors were inspired by a collage by JoAnn Deck which you can see if you follow the link to her blog on my blog. The TLD Design center & gallery is also a link on my blog.

I'm hoping working alternately on finishing up items with the spiral will lower the monotony of the repeats on the spiral bracelet. It has taken me two full days worth of beading to complete one in the past. I'm finishing a Swarovski bronze pearl, ceylon topaz crystal flat spiral bracelet currently. It has the same colors as the keshi pearl edged bracelet at I also have to figure out something to enter in the EBW Team challenge Secret Garden.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Listing, Christmas in July, Cobalt Bracelet Status

I finally listed the second Swarovski white pearl with crystals bracelet. I did a lot of updating and renewing items in my shop. I've added url addresses in my descriptions so that it is easier for shoppers to compare items and to look at coordinating items.

I have decided to participate in the Christmas in July promotion that will run July 15 through 25th I think. Any ideas of what you would like to see? It doesn't have to be Christmas items. It is too soon for me to do that, although I have been thinking about items to make for my 3 day mid December art spree at the Thompson Center in Chicago. I'd like to do something less costly, but all of my things are so dear! Maybe some small ornaments for a 12 inch size evergreen; something like I would have as a decoration in my home. I have collected Waterford crystal ornaments. This would be smaller, but I could make one new each year. Watch for the prototype pictures here. Would you like a drawing for a free ornament? I have angel earrings--I could list those for July 15.

The freeform cobalt and other blues with gold brick stitch around a Venetian bead bracelet will be showcased on my blog and not listed on etsy, as I'm thinking of placing it on consignment. All it needs is a tiny cobalt blue button. I'll probably take photos without the button as it is functional as a closure, not part of the decoration. I happily found a source for pressed glass buttons in many colors, including cobalt.

I am slowly progressisng on Facebook, so if you want to be my friend, let me know.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Future Direction of My Etsy Shop

These are previews of the photos I will use when I list the second bridal white bracelet. It has the same number of beads as the one I already listed, but there are 4 rows of pearls instead of three, and three rows of crystals instead of four; The round shape takes up slightly more space, so the to be listed bracelet is about .5 inch longer. Beading trivia!

I decided not to renew or add earrings to my etsy shop unless they are earrings that are likely to draw attention and clicks. My earring promotion in the month of April seems to have not produced enough interest in earrings. I will continue to make earrings, especially the beaded bead or beaded around a cabochon type and, of course, on request. The Illinois Artisan shops sell my earrings, and, of course, they are popular at Art Fairs.

I've also noticed people search on Swarovski, crystals, bracelets, beads, cellini spiral but not ebw, ebw team, however the challenge ebwc is useful for a few days a month on one item before it is removed to prepare for the next month. My most viewed items are my challenge entries, and they continue to draw views.

I started to bead around a rectangular sapphire blue and gold venetian bead to make a brick stitch bracelet. I have two matching round beads I bought for earrings that I guess I'll be making beaded beads for. Too soon for pictures. This type of bracelet has been popular at Art Fairs as well as on etsy as it by it's nature is a one of a kind item.

Today I also spent a little time signing up for Facebook. If you want to be my friend, just let me know.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Listing

I listed the lavender beaded bead and pearl earrings that match the lavender Swarovski pearl woven bracelet I made a couple months ago. I am always behind on making the earrings. I have a bag of the left over beads with about half a dozen that I am aware need matching earrings. I've decided to try to only make bead woven earrings. As I write that I realize the two pair I made for my White Spiral Necklace are not bead woven. So I'll add another earring to the list of those I need to create.

I have been thinking about adding another site for my jewelry, but I do not want to add another one like etsy. I am looking into my own website. Anyone with helpful comments, please let me know. The downfall for me is the etsy community, as much as I enjoy it, is mostly an amateur group. I need to find business people to relate to. I would also like another source of income besides the jewelry. Perhaps if I become proficient at setting up websites I could do that. Or I love the photography, so that could be another revenue source. I'm just talking out loud now. I could teach bead weaving, but my creativity just sort of happens which I don't know how to tell someone to do in 7 easy steps. Then I have yet to join Facebook and work on my flickr account. So? Where to begin? Baby steps....

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Listings and projects

Tonight I listed two pairs of earrings which coordinate with my White Spiral Necklace Rolling Snowballs. This was my entry to the EBW June Challenge. I also unsuccessfully entered the necklace in an exhibition at the Illinois State Fair. The plus side is that someone can purchase the necklace now that I do not have to have it on display at the fair.

I have two bracelets that I made of the same crystal and pearl beads which I will be adding to the bridal white section of my shop shortly. I also have earrings to match the lavender pearl bracelet ready for listing. I'm told it's not a good idea to list a lot of items at the same time, so you have to wait.

Today I worked on a red, white and blue bracelet. I need to order more white pearls to complete it. I also have a bronze pearl and ceylon topaz crystal bracelet to order beads to complete. My last order for parts to complete things has been shipped.

I finished a 6 mm night blue pearl and dark blue indigo faceted round and 4 mm night blue pearl bracelet; I made beaded beads for the earrings, too. I am thinking the bracelet is too dark, being all dark blue, but maybe in the fall I'll find it works for me.

I've been thinking about starting another cellini spiral bangle bracelet because the two that I have listed are frequently viewed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Listing and Treasury

My lime lariat was included in a green beadweavers treasury on The Crimson Moon blog at
I've not been able to get links to copy properly on blogger for a couple of weeks now. Sorry. If anyone knows what I'm not doing correctly, please let me know. Does it have something to do with the pop up?

I listed my light creamrose pearl bracelet tonight. I reversed the positions of the 6 mm and 4 mm beads so this one has the 6 mm beads in the middle. I have done this with the same size beads with pearls and crystals and liked it both ways. I'm not sure I will make another one this way unless I make a more dramatic pattern with the beads, which could be fun too.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Listing

I listed my Swarovski and Pearl Bronze Bracelet tonight. I love the iridescence and irregularity of the keshi pearls woven along the edges. I don't usually like beige things, but the colors seem quite pleasant to me. The Ceylon topaz crystals are in the middle with bronze pearls on either side. The connector beads are cream, eggshell and a crystal ab with gold inside tiny seed beads in three sizes. It has the chevrons in cream and like all my flat spiral bracelets is reversible. I previewed this bracelet in my photos yesterday.

I completed a Swarovski Light Cream Rose Pearl Bracelet this afternoon and will photograph it for my next listing. I'm learning the subtle nuances of white, cream, cream rose, light cream rose, etc. to help in the bridal white section in my shop. I'm featuring pearls to honor all the June birthdays!

The end of voting on the Etsy Beadweavers Blog for the June challenge is almost over with bead4me the front runner with 23% of the vote. Be sure to check out this stunning bead work. I think she won two months ago and was able to choose the theme. Her efforts on the challenges are always outstanding.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sneak Peek Photos of New Bracelets

These are both flat spiral weave bracelets. The blue and white one has Swarovski air blue opal crystals and is similar to a necklace I made last year which has white vintage seed beads which I ran out of so the bracelet has a modern square white bead.

The one I finished today has bronze Swarovski pearls and bronze keishi pearls--really interesting colors because they are pearls not glass--and ceylon topaz Swarovski crystal bicones. There are also 3 seed beads, size 11 cream, size 13 vanilla, and size 14 gold inside clear ab. The black background is black leatherette--no more magnified lint. I took the photo so it should be in focus magnified as much as you can, so click away on that skinny bracelet!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have been absent for personal reasons and hope to be able to get back to photography tonight.

I finished an air blue opal three strand flat spiral weave bracelet and am in the process of a bronze and ceylon topaz with keishi pearls two strand bracelet similar to the pink bracelet I used for art fair entries.

Speaking of art fairs, my last application came back a wait list, so that's three wait lists in August & September. My next event is an Art Spree in downtown Chicago as an Illinois Artisan in mid July. I would love to see someone I know visit among the thousands who walk the atrium lobby of the Thompson Center. The "strangers" who stop generally become friendly after pausing to look at my jewelry!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New listings

I added a necklace and earrings to coordinate with the white pearl and aquamarine crystal bracelet and earrings recently listed.

I still cannot get the link for the treasuries to work. Ho Hum!

My white photographs are stuck in lint on the black velvet. May be tomorrow night I will try again. I received a tall easel type necklace holder which is black leatherette so that may solve some of my problems there.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Items for Bridal White Section of My Shop

I have been trying to link to a treasury east that I made since June 3. Something is broken. It may be on etsy's part because I can't find the treasury main and west locations which were to be phased out once Treasury east was no longer beta. Any rate, Happy Saturday!

I made two pair of earrings and am almost finished with a second bracelet to coordinate with the Rolling Snowballs necklace. I find it hard to see the difference between crystal ab and crystal moonlight, so I look for the blue cast to the ab. If I sign off, I may be able to photograph them tonight, so I'll have something to list and post tomorrow.

Treasury East with June Challenge Entries

I created a Treasury East tonight with entries to the Etsy Beadweaver's June Challenge, Phenomenon. There are more than 16 entries so be sure to go to the team's blog on June 9 (I'll remind you to vote) to see the remaining entries. As always, there are difficult choices. Next month's theme is Secret Garden which should be delightful as some members have the ability to create realistic flowers from beads...I am in awe.