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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Listing

I listed the lavender beaded bead and pearl earrings that match the lavender Swarovski pearl woven bracelet I made a couple months ago. I am always behind on making the earrings. I have a bag of the left over beads with about half a dozen that I am aware need matching earrings. I've decided to try to only make bead woven earrings. As I write that I realize the two pair I made for my White Spiral Necklace are not bead woven. So I'll add another earring to the list of those I need to create.

I have been thinking about adding another site for my jewelry, but I do not want to add another one like etsy. I am looking into my own website. Anyone with helpful comments, please let me know. The downfall for me is the etsy community, as much as I enjoy it, is mostly an amateur group. I need to find business people to relate to. I would also like another source of income besides the jewelry. Perhaps if I become proficient at setting up websites I could do that. Or I love the photography, so that could be another revenue source. I'm just talking out loud now. I could teach bead weaving, but my creativity just sort of happens which I don't know how to tell someone to do in 7 easy steps. Then I have yet to join Facebook and work on my flickr account. So? Where to begin? Baby steps....

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