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Friday, June 25, 2010

New Listing, Christmas in July, Cobalt Bracelet Status

I finally listed the second Swarovski white pearl with crystals bracelet. I did a lot of updating and renewing items in my shop. I've added url addresses in my descriptions so that it is easier for shoppers to compare items and to look at coordinating items.

I have decided to participate in the Christmas in July promotion that will run July 15 through 25th I think. Any ideas of what you would like to see? It doesn't have to be Christmas items. It is too soon for me to do that, although I have been thinking about items to make for my 3 day mid December art spree at the Thompson Center in Chicago. I'd like to do something less costly, but all of my things are so dear! Maybe some small ornaments for a 12 inch size evergreen; something like I would have as a decoration in my home. I have collected Waterford crystal ornaments. This would be smaller, but I could make one new each year. Watch for the prototype pictures here. Would you like a drawing for a free ornament? I have angel earrings--I could list those for July 15.

The freeform cobalt and other blues with gold brick stitch around a Venetian bead bracelet will be showcased on my blog and not listed on etsy, as I'm thinking of placing it on consignment. All it needs is a tiny cobalt blue button. I'll probably take photos without the button as it is functional as a closure, not part of the decoration. I happily found a source for pressed glass buttons in many colors, including cobalt.

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