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Monday, June 21, 2010

Future Direction of My Etsy Shop

These are previews of the photos I will use when I list the second bridal white bracelet. It has the same number of beads as the one I already listed, but there are 4 rows of pearls instead of three, and three rows of crystals instead of four; The round shape takes up slightly more space, so the to be listed bracelet is about .5 inch longer. Beading trivia!

I decided not to renew or add earrings to my etsy shop unless they are earrings that are likely to draw attention and clicks. My earring promotion in the month of April seems to have not produced enough interest in earrings. I will continue to make earrings, especially the beaded bead or beaded around a cabochon type and, of course, on request. The Illinois Artisan shops sell my earrings, and, of course, they are popular at Art Fairs.

I've also noticed people search on Swarovski, crystals, bracelets, beads, cellini spiral but not ebw, ebw team, however the challenge ebwc is useful for a few days a month on one item before it is removed to prepare for the next month. My most viewed items are my challenge entries, and they continue to draw views.

I started to bead around a rectangular sapphire blue and gold venetian bead to make a brick stitch bracelet. I have two matching round beads I bought for earrings that I guess I'll be making beaded beads for. Too soon for pictures. This type of bracelet has been popular at Art Fairs as well as on etsy as it by it's nature is a one of a kind item.

Today I also spent a little time signing up for Facebook. If you want to be my friend, just let me know.

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