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Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Art Fair Application Creations

It is Art Fair Application time of year now. I decided to continue exploring my collection/series of porcelain jasper colors, concentrating on more wearable, less elaborate, over the top, WOW designs, i.e. ones that stand a better chance of being sold. I plan to do more items in the under $100 category before summer shows. Planning on Czech glass button bracelets and working on bead embroidered rings and whatever else the Muse creates.

A favorite seller is my dutch spiral necklace. I thought the grays in the porcelain jasper would make a more versatile item, wearable year round versus last year's creation featuring the pale vintage rose and light creamy white. The spiral transparent gray beads have an aurora borealis finish, which breaks from my natural color palette with semi precious stones.

A favorite style is the flat spiral weave which I used the round porcelain jasper stones as the core beads for this two strand bracelet. The center and edges feature Swarovski vintage rose bicone beads.

Using the flat spiral weave with the same beads but in a single strand, I created a shorter version necklace, 19 inches long including the beaded toggle bar and ring closure.

This is another two strand flat spiral bracelet which has fresh water gray pearls as the core beads, vintage rose Swarovski crystal bicone beads in the center and porcelain jasper rounds on the edges. I have previously used the pearls only on the edges of this style. I used the lighter pinks for the beaded toggle bar and ring because the pearls create a more delicate looking bracelet.

None of my porcelain jasper collection is currently listed in my Etsy shop, KRDesigns11, but you can express interest in purchasing items here on my blog or contacting me via Etsy. You can see my 2013 items on this blog starting around June 2012. My etsy shop does have similar styles of items in a variety of colors of beads. Thanks for bearing with me during my adventures of my new computer, new operating system, new software for photo editing, etc. My lack of blog posts spared you my complaints from the changes that were not of my choosing.

Look for the listing of my 2014 Art Fairs on the upper right hand column of the blog as I learn of my acceptance in the shows.