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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sneak Peek Photos of New Bracelets

These are both flat spiral weave bracelets. The blue and white one has Swarovski air blue opal crystals and is similar to a necklace I made last year which has white vintage seed beads which I ran out of so the bracelet has a modern square white bead.

The one I finished today has bronze Swarovski pearls and bronze keishi pearls--really interesting colors because they are pearls not glass--and ceylon topaz Swarovski crystal bicones. There are also 3 seed beads, size 11 cream, size 13 vanilla, and size 14 gold inside clear ab. The black background is black leatherette--no more magnified lint. I took the photo so it should be in focus magnified as much as you can, so click away on that skinny bracelet!

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