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Monday, April 26, 2010

Earrings Promotion & Showcase Results

Another day, another pair of earrings listed and blogged about. These are simple and sweet; they are only 3/4 inch long which is petite for dangle earrings. Some day I'll learn how to make the glued on to a post kind, but until then there are dangles.

My Mother's Day Showcase slot yesterday yielded some interesting results to me. For those of you who need to know the results to the bottom line, there were no sales, so you can consider it a failure. However, I had lots of views, especially on the one item featured--175 views. The other items in tiny pictures after you click on the featured item received only 2 or 3 views each. Overall I had almost twice as many views as my previous all time highest number of views which was on the first day of voting on my first EBW Challenge entry, April 9. I still had my normal number of daily views besides the showcase items. I'm still learning about hearts, but I received only 1, so either people didn't like what they saw or they don't understand how to use them either. I think they are like bookmarks--heart a shop and you can find it back again.

My feelings on the showcase experiment depend on what the goal was. If it was to make money now, I failed. If it was to have my work seen by people, I did quite well for me. I don't know how many could find me back again if they wanted to do so, so it might be just like a massage...feels good now, but I'll need to repeat it again soon. The cost per view was 8 cents, ($15 total) which is far less than other sites I've priced. I could have gone to a movie and had lots of popcorn. So I hope the viewers enjoyed what they saw, which is why I create things. Compared to other ways I have tried to promote my work, such as setting up a table in the lobby of the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago and talking to anyone who was passing by and stopped to look, this was easy but not very personal. My first day doing that also resulted in no sales. I guess I know why I was an accountant--you can quantify things when you analyze results.

I have another showcase slot on Saturday. I want to list the number of views on each item, not just the showcase featured ones, so that I can see what people looked at that day. I know I picked a good color (rose pink like today's earrings) item to feature because it stood out; some of the white and clear items were hard to see. The featured item in my shop had good views, but not on the earrings; next time I won't feature in my shop what I feature in the showcase.

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