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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Earrings Promotion

This is the latest pair of earrings in my April promotion. I think my next promotion will only last one week. The purpose of this one is to motivate me to finish photographing all of my inventory. The earrings are especially time consuming because there are so many of them.
This morning I purchased a spot in the Mothers Day showcase on two different days. This will be my first experience with advertising on etsy. I would have purchased a spot for the etsy beadweavers challenge voting, but they were all taken already. I've learned to purchase a spot when I list my entry.
The challenge voting is from 4/9 thru 4/15. It is on the beadweaver's blog. The Facebook page for the beadweavers has each entry listed where you can click on the photo to go to the creators shop. Facebook has some nicer features than blogspot. My entry is Dancing with the Sky which you can find by clicking on the item listed under my blog banner. My description includes where to vote details. There are many choices.

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