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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Earrings Promotion

This is the pair of earrings I listed in my shop today for my earring promotion.

I made a lot of these earrings in anticipation of sales at Art Fairs. My first Art Fair, I had only a few earrings and they matched the pieces of jewelry I was trying to sell. I have found that people generally look at the more expensive items and skip the earrings, unless that is what they truly want to buy.

I have a fair number of earrings that have beaded beads on them which I haven't listed because I can't offer them at low prices. I enjoy making the beaded beads and am thinking about only making earrings with beadweaving on them in the future. They would be unique and original which is something my earring promotion ones are less likely to be. I don't make more than one pair of each style. I like variety. But because they are created with beads that are readily available, it is possible someone else would like the same combination I did, which I hope happens because then I have a customer.

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