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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earrings Promotion & SEO

I added this pair of earrings to my etsy shop, before this afternoon's virtual lab on SEO. I think I learned that if I listed similar items, I was competing with myself for Google rankings, so somebody please buy a pair of cream pearl and crystal ab earrings. Seriously, you can find these in my shop; easiest way is to click on the item in the feed listing of recent items in my shop under my blog banner. I rearranged my shop to put coordinating items next to the earrings.

I wrote in the new earrings description about the matching choker necklace and bracelet and gave links to the previously listed items. I learned that it would give my new listing a better chance to be crawled by google if I had put the new listing link in the descriptions on the choker and bracelet. Good thing I went to the virtual lab on SEO. Think I have to rewrite my shop announcement, change my shop title and definitely redo listing titles for keywords that buyers would search for. The tags can be more technical to my item because people who search etsy are more likely to know and use such terms. The ones in the titles are for searchers on google. Oh, and I should not have changed or added categories.

Glad I'm learning these things now that I've already done it wrong! There is a forum thread about the mistakes made in the first year of having an etsy shop--I need to read it! We were promised more info on the blog about success--I received mine today after the lab. So, if you are an etsy seller, that email was the understandable part of the lab. Read it and change what you need to.

The next etsy beadweaver challenge is on insects, so I've ordered delicas in aquas, lime and orange. Did you think I was going to write purple, lavender and lilac--show me the bug and I'll use the color scheme--I don't need to buy more purple beads. There was the flying purple people eater!?! Time to sign off.

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