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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earrings Promotion and Mothers Day Showcase

I listed these earrings for my April earring promotion. They are Swarovski crystals in dark blue indigo and crystal silver shade.
I just visited the Mothers Day Showcase with my rose Swarovski crystal bracelet featured now. To get to the Showcase, from etsy's main page on the top right you have choices in boxes, click the one that says Mothers Day to see the 36 items listed. This is my first showcase, and my first venture in paid advertising. Experimenting a little. If I like the results, I'll try to get a showcase slot for the voting on the next EBW team challenge, May 9 thru 15; one entry has been received already! I have to start mine.
I need to concentrate on beading, so will not be listing more items in the shop for a while. It will have to remain with the colors currently in the shop. If you are interested in something special, contact me through my etsy shop.
The earring promotion ends at the end of the month, so I will continue to add the earrings until then. The prices will be adjusted back to their normal range on May 1. And I promise to not blog about earrings.

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