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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kite flying

This is my tenth pair of earrings in my April earring promotion. I decided to list another pair of Swarovski black diamond ab earrings--this pair has sterling silver bead caps plus jet black Swarovski crystals. To go to my shop, click the title under the blog banner. Someone hearted a pair of earrings in the promotion -- thank you!

Life happened again today. It was a lovely spring day today in Chicago with a sunny high of 76 degrees. (average is 56) The breeze was just right for kite flying. That was something I could never get to work as a child--the rags for the tail were probably too heavy plus we didn't have the open treeless spaces that are perfect for flying kites. Kites were made of paper then (1950's) which tore easily and the rags were cotton. The tulips are starting to bloom--this is early for us. Feel free to comment on your kite flying experiences or how beautiful your tulips are.

The voting continues for the EBW April Challenge contest. Click on the top item under the blog banner to get to my etsy shop; the earrings and my entry, Dancing with the Sky, are featured in my shop. I have all the info in the description. I realized today I haven't made earrings to go with the cuff--I have to complete my Use the Muse entry and do my income taxes first. Life.

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