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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pink, Pearls and Earrings

The earrings to the left are today's addition to my earring promotion in my shop. I have decided to add pink to my shop, so the bracelet above is right angle weave of Swarovski Rosaline pink and mauve pearls with rose quartz round beads woven in a pattern. I also listed a matching single strand right angle weave 20" necklace. Last spring I made a number of Rosaline pink pearl items.
My habit is to purchase a quantity of beads and then wait for inspiration as to what to make with them. The pearls usually were right angle weave although the cream pearl necklace I strung with pinks, mauve, and gold filled saucer spacers inspired by a Baroque cathedral ceiling. See my February posts for a discussion and pictures of items in right angle weave.

I made the beaded beads for the earrings to coordinate with Dancing with the Sky. I still need to make earrings for the Swarovski lavender pearl bracelets. I need to purchase more ear wires. I do not wear earrings and wonder which style of attachment people like.
Please comment if you have a preference for ear wires, studs, other so I can add them to my shop.

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