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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earrings Promotion, Peach Bracelet, Flowers

I finished the peach bracelet I wrote about yesterday. You can see how similar yet different the two bracelets are. If you want to see the detail, click on the photo.

These are today's earrings for my shop promotion. I may leave the lower prices until Sunday, since I have another Mother's Day Showcase slot on May 1, Saturday and don't want the items inactive then.

I picked the first of many lily of the valley flowers today. They bring up sweet childhood memories and have a short bloom period. They grow on the northeast side of my house where I can't see them, so I put them in a special little Waterford crystal vase that is perfect for violets and lily of the valley. I also have blue and pink columbine blooming on that side of the house that remind me of Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park.

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