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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roller coaster ride

I have been trying to recover from an online marketing class I took after a poorly attended weekend art show. The obvious writer's block attack came on immediately because I was told I needed to put something of value in my blog. So after the unexpected results from the Art Fair, my self esteem was not up for thinking I had anything of value to write about. I often feel like I am a yo yo or riding a roller coaster, emotionally, with being an artist.

I completed part of my June challenge entry for the Etsy Beadweavers. It is whites and a dutch spiral chain about 14 inches long. I found some lovely size 11 charlottes (seed beads with a facet) in white iris for the strung loose part. I would normally explain the rest of the beading process, but I was visualizing the glazed eyes of my readers so I'll stop for now. Value? No. Before I finish the project, I will take a picture and post it here.


  1. Karen, writing about my work has always been a challenge for me, just coming up with a title generally brings on stress related writer's block. I've started keeping 3 X 5 cards handy so I can just write a word or phrase before it gets away. Throw them in a box and choose one to develop when you have a minute. For me, I compose better at the computer, happy to be able to go away from it and return to edit or expand.

  2. That's a good idea JoAnn. I use 3 x 5 cards for my detailed inventory so I know which beads I used and what I paid for them. Then I put them on an excel spreadsheet.