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Friday, May 7, 2010

Business of Art Fairs

Today I did some of the business things needed for the Burr Ridge Crafte Fest next weekend. I compared paypal and propay for telephone service for processing credit cards. I like the idea of the card readers, but you must be connected on line in order to get immediate approval. The propay rep assured me I'd be finished in about a minute on the phone with only a 4 digit access code. The percentage of sale and per transaction fee are higher than paypal, but the monthly fee is better at propay if you need service for more than 2 months a year. Either one is far better than what I had before.

I learned about propay from randomcreative who is an etsy beaderweaver and blogger who faithfully posts on the EBW forum weekly post. My newest follower is also an etsy blogger and she has an art fair this weekend. So everybody in Oklahoma, visit her at her show and BUY something from her. Storybeader has an etsy shop with some jewelry and handmade books. I have made a few books with handmade paper and always felt they were too good to actually write in partly because of how I was brought up and partly because I knew how much work went into making it. I would list her etsy shop url but since I don't know her and don't have her permission, I won't.

Picture taking tonight, so photos tomorrow.

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