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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pictures of a Peridot Crystal Bracelet

I promised pictures, so you have four views of the same bracelet. It is peridot Swarovski crystals in two sizes connected with a random mix of blues, purples, and limey green tiny seed beads. It has three strands that connect to each other forming a chevron (v) shape. This is the same stitch as the peaches and cream bracelets I wrote about last week, except those were two strands, and I varied the beads on each side of the core bead to make a symmetrical bracelet rather than three of the same on each side of the core beads. I have earrings I made to coordinate but will have to locate them. They are the same style as the violet ab ones in my shop.

I have an excel spreadsheet for my inventory of completed items. I will be able to tell if I have taken a photo yet and when; also I will have an idea of where physically the earrings are located. I think I have not yet photographed them. I still have a lot of photos to do.

So enjoy the photos, the week ahead, and right now. I plan to add items to my shop that can coordinate with the earrings I listed in April even though I didn't make the earrings for any specific bracelet or necklace.

Thursday should be the BIG REVEAL for the Use the Muse IV contest.

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