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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I listed this bracelet and pair of earrings today as a set. I cut the price of the combined two items by $10 and eliminated a shipping fee on the earrings. This is a Swarovski Night Blue Pearl bracelet that is connected with tiny hematite charlotte beads. The earrings have a Swarovski hematite crystal bicone, a sterling silver round bead, and a night blue pearl. This bracelet is a little larger than average, fitting an 8 inch wrist. There is another night blue pearl bracelet with faceted crystal rounds that's a 7 in my shop. I like to make similar items in different sizes; kind of how a painter does a series on a theme.
I started on the bracelet in the new fall colors since my rosaline pearls are in the mail. I picked up some tiny beads for embellishment at my local bead shop that are close in color and match in finish in case the Muse tells me to add more embellishment. I need to photograph them in process for you.
I loaded more photos on flickr. including the Night Blue Pearl items and Platinum Pearl ones. They are in a set called Right Angle Weave.
I had the most views in my shop in the month of July since I started in February. The end of the month was slow or I would have had a phenomenal month, view wise. Is that a word? Spell check wanted it as two words. What would I do without spell check?
Look for the EBW challenge entries soon.

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