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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flickr account for KRDesigns11

I have been working on my flickr account. It seems to be a monumental task to photo edit pictures of my beaded jewelry. My eyes hurt! I have listed over 100 items on etsy, but now I want my work on flickr and also facebook. Oh, and I have approximately 400 items worthy of photographs. The excel spreadsheet inventory listing is also not up to date, but it does have columns for date photographed and location of item. And should I be working on my booth in case I'm called to be in my wait listed shows? Some times I think I'm in the business of everything but making jewelry!

My current emphasis has been to have sets of photos for the three locations I currently have items on consignment at. The Southern Illinois Artisan Shop has white pearl and light sapphire bracelets and earrings with one navy blue pearl necklace. They sold the lavender pearl bracelet! I had to photo edit those pictures and then fill in the flickr information which is completed.

The second set I worked on is better than half complete which is items at TLD Designs Center & Gallery, Westmont, Illinois. These items span the entire time, some from before I knew I needed to leave a trail of what date I took the picture. While working on these items, I decided it would be more fun to have a couple views of each item, so I'm not finished yet, but it's looking good, at least to me.

The Chicago Illinois Artisan Shop is the third location which changed work recently. All but one of these items was on etsy, so I have photos for all except one pair of earrings. I haven't taken pictures of every thing I've made jewelrywise yet.

So I am inviting you to check on my progress with my flickr account. If you view each set as a slide show, it shouldn't take much time.


    Sorry! If you have a Yahoo account, it is one of the many choices to click on. I was going to add it to my favorite places list, but couldn't easily figure out how I listed those places. I will work on that.

  2. Now added to Favorite Sites. Good Comment! Thanks!