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Friday, August 13, 2010

EBW Challenge Voting, Latest Project

The voting on the Etsy Beadweaver's blog is in process with a record turnout for the vote with almost 700 votes so far. It continues until Sunday midnight. The leading entry is by bead4me; this entry not only uses a lot of Swarovski crystals but is woven in 24k gold beads which are expensive to use. There are about 50 entries with the votes distributed among the entries instead of a couple of run away winners. I even have a record high of 7 votes for 1%; my personal best in ebw challenges. The link to vote is to the right; remember to click on the names below the mosaic to get the details of the entries. The mosaic is just to entice you to look further. Enjoy!

The photos are in process of my current project. I purchased some Peace Jasper, wrapped thread around and through the round coin bead that is the focal point and have worked out in brick stitch in a free form pattern of a variety of beads. The colors are from another of Margie Deeb's Fall Winter Color Report palates using Endive, Rose dust and Purple Orchid. The bracelet needs the second strap lengthened, a clasp created and the picot fringe added. I'm thinking I'll order size 15 seed beads in a color other than the green I started to use for the picots, so it may be a week or more before the bracelet is completed.

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