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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Use the Muse IV Contest

The challenge was to write an entry in your blog and post it by 2/24/10 linked to the use the muse website blog. Also I would be entered into a drawing for the coveted free beads if I wrote about my main motivation for entering Use the Muse IV.

The Use the Muse IV contest is officially starting. February 24 is the last day to sign up for a kit and receive the preorder price. I ordered mine after Christmas, hoping it would make it start sooner, but patience is one of my life lessons.

My main motivation for entering Use the Muse IV is to set deadlines for me. This blog may not have existed if it were not for this contest. On Use the Muse III, I entered because I thought I wanted to see my beaded jewelry on an international site--it is there. I needed to purchase a camera and lighting equipment to photograph my entry by the November deadline, so I also added that skill. I used it to set up my etsy shop.

I felt I won, even though officially I didn't get any of the prizes--those gorgeous beads. Using the discount from
I purchased a jet black Swarovski cabochon for my bead stash. My personal treat for following through on something I wanted to do for me!

The entry purchases an attractively packaged group of beads the entrants work from plus the "MUSE" which is a secret component each entrant must use. The collections always challenge me to do something I haven't done before, new items, techniques, color palates. I haven't seen the MUSE IV yet, but the kit has wooden pieces and colors I have not created with previously. But I'm waiting to see the Muse which will be mailed out to me the end of this week before I decide what to create. After all, it is the Muse!

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