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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on Right Angle Weave Bead Weaving Stitch

I searched for the photos of bracelets I made inspired by the Beadwork Magazine article written by Jeannette Cook which I used to learn right angle weave multiple rows. If you haven't looked at her work or found the article with pictures, she created a painting with crystals on a base of right angle weave. I also learned how to leave space open for a button hole.

The two scenes I decided to create were based on Monet Waterlilies and a Sunset. I'm going to let the pictures be the post. The photographs show the front which is crystals; the back is 12 x 50 rows of right angle weave using Miyuki delica beads with 2 size 11 beads on a side. That's almost 600 Swarovski 4 mm bicones. The button on Sunset is seed beads in peyote in the round.

Jeannette Cook's article inspired me. See my previous post for her shop url.

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