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The banner is Lilacs in Springtime, a free form peyote bracelet.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Right angle weave

Thanks for the comments. Welcome new follower and all. The banner is a free form peyote bracelet I made inspired by a seed bead mix called lilacs in springtime. I loved lilacs in my Grandmother's back yard. I have a new memory card for my camera, but Photoshop Elements is not working the way it used to so maybe I should send it to bed without any potato chips as a bedtime snack!

It is only fair to let you know I didn't make the bracelets posted a couple days ago immediately after reading Jeannette Cook's Beadwork article. My first multiple row right angle weave bracelet was made with Miyuki size 11 beads with two beads on a side and has 5 rows. The next bracelet I used delicas because I felt comfortable with the stitch. I have photos of the front and back of the bracelet to show here. I will list it for sale in my shop,

I used Czech size 4 mm rounds in a clear green to match the minty green seed beads. I had some vintage beads which I put down the middle row using a white opaque seed bead to stitch each bead on. These beads are larger than the right angle weave space so the bracelet isn't flat on the bottom, but it does lay flat on my wrist. If you made a bracelet using only the 4 mm Czech rounds, you won't have this issue. The closure is a peyote stitch bar and loop toggle, but you could sew on (with beads) a metal clasp.

Let me know how your bracelet turns out if you decide to try it. I love right angle stitch. You can practice getting the sides even; it's easier to do than peyote stitch. Unless you do two needle right angle stitch.

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