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Monday, February 22, 2010

Right Angle Weave Stitch

Today I finished a Night Blue Swarovski pearl bracelet done in right angle weave stitch. It has hematite color size 15 charlotte seed beads connecting the pearls. Swarovski makes great glass pearls; freshwater ones and Chinese glass pearls often have tiny holes and excess coating on the hole ends. This makes for not a fun experience--picture me with my awl trying to get the holes larger.

Charlottes are seed beads with one side sliced off to give it a facet and more sparkle. These are very small beads. I often use the same style clasp in my work unless it is an artsy piece when the closure is usually a beaded one. Using the same clasp means I can order multiples and save money on the purchase price of each.

I like right angle weave stitch a lot and this style seems to be more popular and affordable than my one of a kind projects. I will take the blue one to the Illinois Artisan Shop in the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. I have a photo of a white pearl with silver charlottes and a sterling silver toggle clasp that I will put in this blog. I can either keep my commitment to myself to blog daily or take a photo of the blue one.

I am grateful to Jeannette Cook for her article in Beadwork Magazine teaching right angle stitch. If you want some eye candy, check her out. She has kits and instructions for sale.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the bracelets I made inspired by her article.

Thanks to my first two followers from etsy. I learned how to "heart" a shop and to become a follower on a blog.

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