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Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn Arrives at KRDesigns

It seems fall has arrived early this year. My neighbors have a beautiful maple tree which has been decked out in Christmas colors of red and green for some time now. Perhaps it is suffering the effects of last years heat and drought; I'm hoping it recovers to continue decorating the neighborhood. Things in my life have made me feel my years as I am undoubtedly in the autumn of my life.

I have been creating with shades of brown, even khaki which is a brownish olivine green color, as well as bronze and rose gold. The color choices are beautiful and striking in that I rarely use these colors and do not wear them myself.

I returned to my Noreena Jasper palate, which I shared at my Art Fairs late last year, to make a couple bracelets with the 4mm stones and some maroon Swarovski crystal pearls. I made these too large for the women who were interested in them; they are larger than average size and will be in my Etsy shop after I photograph them.

Noreena Jasper is a semi precious stone which comes from Australia. I ordered seed beads for a dutch spiral necklace emphasizing either red or golden brown in the spiral part; the one I made last year with variegated beads sold immediately and before I had taken a picture of it. This year's version with red delica beads in the spiral sold when it was less than a six inch piece of beadwork. These are perfect autumn colors.

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  1. I ordered more Noreena Jasper beads to make the golden brown color in the dutch spiral necklace and smaller beads to make a flat spiral necklace.