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Monday, October 31, 2011

Personal Service

Learning about myself has revealed that I like personal service when I purchase things and I want to give this to my customers. I don't mean to be best friends or trade personal stories, although sometimes issues with how something fits/wears can get personal.

In trying to figure out why consignment shop relationships and on line sales leave me missing something, I determined that I want to feel that my customer has purchased the best item I can create for them.

It can go beyond the fit of a bracelet to a flattering color that works with the woman's characteristics, mostly coloring. I know I appreciate when someone tells me I am wearing my colors, and they change as we age or dye our hair, or lose weight. Well, not so much as we would like on the weight loss. Growing up, the girls in my era all wore black because it was slimming and never wore white because it made us look fat.

Fashion changes the shade of a color we love to one that may not work well for us. I'm thinking of the pink that is in the stores today called "makeup". It is a very pale, beige pink that so washes out on a northern hemisphere Caucasian.

Today I am sharing photos of earrings created for the Southern Illinois Artisan Shop. I hope the women near Whittington, Illinois will like them. I wish I knew some of them personally, at least to know what they look like, their favorite style of dress. I want to meet my ideal customer.

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