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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recently Completed Projects

I have attended a couple of Art Fairs that I was not invited to participate in. One that I was on the wait list for, I'm doubly glad I did not participate in (rain and my customer doesn't shop there) and the other is one where a lot of the artists repeat year after year, and there was no art jewelry, just strung items. I have to keep reminding myself that I cannot price beadweaving at strung jewelry prices. So I've decided to make some strung pieces that will be priced competitively with those artists items along with my beadwoven pieces. In mid August, I am doing a talk about my art and will focus on explaining what goes into my highest priced items. Sorry I don't put photos of these on the internet but the heading for my blog is part of one of my favorites.

I used lavender pink fresh water head drilled pearls in a flat spiral bracelet with Swarovski victorian rose crystals and firepolished amethyst ab beads.

Liked the colors so much I did my first tubular right angle weave necklace which took a while since I knotted each embellishing bead. I've made cuff bracelets embellished completely with Swarovski crystals (more than 500), so it's not my longest project. The colors are ones I like to wear; the colors seem to get softer as I get older and grayer.

I have ideas for rings in these colors, so I will get back to making them soon.

Another project was an eggshell/ivory colored dutch spiral necklace; I finished the strung part very early this morning. I like the 4.2 mm gold filled roundels between the beads. Cluster earrings with cream pearls and crystal golden shadow need some pearls on order. I ordered Swarovski light gold pearls and really like them, too, but decided to use the roundels and not add the golden yellow in the pearls. Another project?

Thanks for the inspiration on how to cut and paste my pictures throughout my blog! Right click is my friend!


  1. Hey there, Great beadwork as usual. The pics look great. Yeah, I've been thinking of adding some strung beading to my shop, too, although my passion is beadweaving. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. Thanks Abracadebra Designs. I completed the Crystal Golden Shadow & Cream Pearl cluster earrings and a Light Rose & Grey Lacy beaded flower ring and will list them in my etsy shop 6/16/11.

    As to the strung necklace in cream pearl and crystal golden shadow rounds with gold filled spacers between, I'll be waiting for a good sale (either from a vendor or a customer) as those roundels were about $1 a piece. When I went to reorder more GF headpins, I found a 25% increase in price from 3/31/11. My investment in inventory is too high right now.