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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Expressing My Values in Daily Life

I have the personal belief that the random books I pick up to read have personal messages for me in my current life. Lately, I've been reading about self sabotage by valuing others more than myself leading to less time and resources spent on my creative activities because of doing for others. Last night another source helped me realize that my Christian upbringing emphasizing doing for others, being Christ like, and the values I was taught as a child encourage this.

Spending time with an authority figure from my childhood often leaves me stuck in regards to my creative work. As an adult, I realize that although I do not want to live my life this way or pass these values on to the next generation, it still effects my daily life. So I need to learn to live my values, those that say personal expression is important, that I am important.

The Chapter in Marry Your Muse by Jan Phillips titled Mom's Advice has an Action of writing five distractions from your life that keep you from attaining a more peaceful state of being. It suggests that if the distractions were eliminated, you would have more time to do the things you truly desire. It asks what truly prevents me from doing what I want to do. I know that I will be going through the motions at first in order to change this value in my daily life actions. But this is a change I want to create.

Recently I have been accummulating things needed to do bead embroidery, but have not been able to actually start it. I want to paint the Lacy's Stiff Stuff so I don't have the possibility of the white background showing through. So I am going to glue some cabochons on unpainted and paint another sheet in a dark blue/green which are the colors of most of my cabs. Then I will be one step closer to actually doing the bead embroidery that I want to do.


  1. Hey there, Sounds like a good book you are reading. Have you ever read any Wayne Dyer? I find his books very inspirational. As for the bead embroidery, it took me a long time after I had a good book on it and all the stuff to get started, too. I still have not done as much with is as I wanted to. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I went to a workshop with Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer. He is a remarkable speaker who strings together other peoples words. I have a double CD set where he reads poetry, such as the writings of Rumi. I also enjoy David Whyte's poetry and CD's of him reading poetry. The other book is Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. What is your favorite Dyer book?

    As to bead embroidery, I learned embroidery as a child in the 1950's; and when I made a cuff a couple years ago, I found the shorter needle (a sharp) awkward after using the beading needles so much. Perhaps I will photograph it for another blog post.