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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coupons, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free shipping SALES

Etsy is rolling out new features including coupon codes. In gratitude for my life I have created a 10% off coupon for my blog readers. It is "thanks10". Valid through Thanksgiving Day on sales in the U.S. The discount is on everything listed in my shop.

I've been distracted with trying to come up with inexpensive items for my art spree and the etsy black friday/cyper monday/ free shipping/ coupon mania. I didn't think artists put their work "on sale" but "for sale". I truly try to reasonably price my work appropriately without a cushion for crazy sales or to take advantage of the buying public. The money from sales goes toward buying more supplies so I can create more items. It's not part of big corporate profits or values that go up and down mysteriously like the stock market. The debt that I incur to finance my business, is my personal debt. My work is very labor intensive. I do my best to create something that will be useful for a long time.

I've been reading an interesting book called Cheap, The High Cost of Discount Culture by Ellen Ruppel Shell. I'm only on page 75, so I'm not writing a book review. The "C" has a slash through it to make it look like a cent sign. It was available at my local Borders. It has a large section of Notes. I'll randomly quote one comment citing source for something in the initial Notes to Readers. "with cheap stuff we may have forgotten we own: Acccording to the Self-Storage Association, a Virginia-based trade group with more than six thousand members, one in ten United States households rented self-storage units in 2007, up from one in seventeen in 1995. Nearly sixty thousand storage facilities in the U.S. satisfy that demand, annually generating $20.1 billion in revenue." That's $20 BILLION a year!

I really hope you save your money to buy something you really will cherish and love to own. I really don't want to and won't make something that you will put in a self-storage unit and forget that you own.

I'm working in white and light colors which need photo retakes. More pictures soon, I promise.

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