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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Latest Creations and Art Fairs

This Dragonfly Button Bracelet is the latest in my button series. It does not have any hex (hexagon) shaped beads, so it was easier for me to stitch. I started another button bracelet with metallic blue purple hex beads only and ordered 3 more packages of beads since two packages created about half the bracelet length. These beads are labelled size 8, but appear to be smaller than the other size 8's I've used on this series. The button is quite striking, so having all the same beads is a good background for it. Photo when finished.

Recently completed another druzy pendant - amethyst with blue purple beads similar to the in process button bracelet. There are round amethyst beads in the chain, too.

Speaking of amethyst, I am waiting to receive a cabochon from one of my favorite suppliers on Etsy.

I was hoping it would show the photo, but I'll settle for the link so you can see Sheila's shop, Tradewinds Studio, if you choose. The url must not be public because using the photo function of Blogger tells me it can't find the url.

I will be showing my work at a private fundraising party for the Riverside Arts Weekend show next weekend. I'm looking forward to speaking with the guests about my process in creating my jewelry and showing off my jewelry creations. It will give the guests an opportunity to think about items that they might want me to create for them or purchase from my inventory. People need to think about my items before they purchase, as it is seldom an impulse purchase. Often they purchase for special occasions or to coordinate with something else that they don't have with them at the Art Fairs. My customers need to get to know me as well as I need to see how a particular style or item fits them, both physically and their personality.

I was accepted for the LaGrange West End Art Festival which will be my third year in a row. It's nice to be in a show where people remember your work. I learn a lot from the people who stop in my booth. My button bracelet series was inspired from a customer at this show, so thanks to her, I learned how to do something more confidently. I was puzzled at how to make them fit well (the button loop closure). For another customer, the Muse needs to visit to show me how to combine amethyst and peridot; I just don't have the right beads. Often I collect beads stored together until I stumble on just the right ones, or most of the right ones. Maybe that cabochon I'm expecting will be the key, or at least it will make a gorgeous jewelry item. Wonder what it will look like?

I've been reading how to have a great blog which has made me more critical of anything I might write. I've learned not to ramble on .........

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