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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cobalt Blue Button Bracelet

These are photos of my latest bracelet creation, Cobalt Blue Button Bracelet. I always take a near vertical shot and then try to get the bracelet to stand up straight which neither of these is quite as I would like.

The button is a Czech glass 1.25 button which is heavier than most of my bracelets. I made the bead loop a little longer so I could wear it at 6.75 inches, but would be best for a 6.5 inch wrist. I will alter the loop to the smaller size now that I know how the bracelet feels. I try each new style on to help me understand the purchaser's experience.

The stitch is called brick stitch. I made two groupings of beads which are repeated which can best be seen in the first photo. The beads are mostly size 8 seed beads, round and hex with crystal clear 4mm and cobalt blue 3mm Czech glass rounds with the edges alternating increase/decrease rows. I used light sapphire and crystal clear beads to match the rhinestones on the button.

If you would like to try to bead your own bracelet, it is a repetitive stitch which for me takes longer than peyote stitch but has a similar alternate spacing like a brick wall. It's the one bead at a time thing that takes so long.  I found a couple sources for Czech glass buttons and would like to try a smaller (.75 inch) button with a narrower width bracelet.


  1. oooh I love it !

  2. Thanks! I liked your Valentine cupcakes pictured on your blog.

    I used all my 3mm cobalt blue Czech glass rounds in this bracelet. Artbeads was out of stock, but is shipping my order for more this week. I want to make another style bracelet in these colors.