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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bracelets in my Porcelain Jasper Collection

This bracelet features the colors around the stone in the herringbone necklace. It is one of my favorite styles to make, always using different materials to make them unique.

The bracelet below is a new design for me which came about because I did not have enough of one of the beads to finish my design as planned. When I learned I couldn't get more of the bead, I purchased some 6mm porcelain jasper rondelles from my local bead store and sat with the bracelet until I created a closure as well as added more than an inch to the width of the bracelet. I plan to create bracelets similar to the alternating row part using a Czech glass button closure for some of my lower price point items offered for sale at my Art Fairs. Wish that it fit me, but it's for a 6.5 inch wrist.

This woven bracelet was inspired by the pueblo sands pink color in the porcelain jasper collection. I have created a few peyote stitch bracelets using delicas and seed beads of various sizes (gives the scrunched look) and wove up perpendicular to the base of the bracelet for the center. This one has some old Czech glass tiny bugle beads with seed beads for the unique decorations and a 20mm round rose quartz button with an opening in the weave for the buttonhole.


  1. Hi:
    Three examples of the nice and unique bracelets.If I had to choose,I'd have the serious problem.I love all three of them-each one has got its individual features.I also like the 'sand' colors You have used here.
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  2. Thanks. Porcelain Jasper is mined in Mexico where it is a lot warmer than here. I like to work in warm weather colors during winter; one year I used bright yellows to cheer me up!