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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Light Blue and White

I enjoyed creating this bead embroidered blue lace agate cabochon and the bracelets flowed easily in the same colors/beads. I was surprised when I photographed and edited my pictures that the blue gray color appeared dark. I learned that it was my usual adjustment for "brightness and contrast" on Photoshop that created the color cast over the entire photo. I played with the sliding bars and other adjustments to come up with a photo that is more true to color and pleasing to my eye.

This is my lower price point all seed bead version of the blue lace agate colors.

This is my two strand flat spiral weave version of blue lace agate. I did not redo the photo editing on this, so you can see it is darker than in real life. The cabochon photo below is without the brightness and contrast adjustment. I adjusted the mid tone values until the gray background (really a thick white paper) pleased me.

Loving these colors so much and needing some knit tees for summer, I ordered an assortment including some in mineral blue which looked like it would match perfectly. The clothes arrived and the color is a mint green, not at all blue. So misleading! The one I ordered called rose quartz is a deep tone orange pink, not at all like the semi precious stones pale pink color, but my monitor did read this color true. Since it is not a flattering shade for me, I will be shopping for some pastel colors.


  1. HI:-)
    Looking at Your two bracelets and the pendant,suddenly I felt...calm and peaceful.
    It's so nice to see such wonderful stitches and those pastel-blue shadows of Your beadwork with the positive aura.

  2. Thanks! I added your blog to my favorite links.